I love embroidery. There are periods of time when I can’t sit still unless I’m stitching and there are times when I don’t touch my materials for months. Either way, I still love the medium and I always return to unfinished projects, even when I think I really won’t. I am 100% self taught when it comes to the subject matter of embroidery, which was a personal choice. Was it the smartest and most efficient choice? Definitely not, but it was the way I went. 

          The first time I realized that I could sew on a shirt like I could color on paper, just picking colors and making shapes, I was so excited. Everything was a possible idea; I could draw and stitch anything on a shirt to make a one of a kind piece of clothing that was, in a way, also a one of a kind piece of art. I had no idea what I was doing, but was very much enjoying the process. Stitching wasn’t too hard to pick up, since I had been taught how to sew a button, but there were a lot of things I was clueless about. I thought, so so naively, that embroidery hoops were dumb and old fashioned and that I did not need to use one. Confidence without knowledge isn’t always the best route to go, and my first lumpy ass project was perfect proof of that. I didn’t know that the embroidery hoop was supposed to keep your fabric nice and taut so that your design and your stitches don’t warp. Still though, while I learned the lesson, I resisted simply going to the store and buying my hoop. I look back on this with, like, a tiny bit of shame but also a small sense of pride (maybe this is how parents feel??). Yes, I was dumb but I was crafty. I fashioned myself my own goddamn “hoop” out of a cut up cylindrical oatmeal container and a giant rubber band. It was so stupid but it worked. Obviously, this was not a tool that would (or should) last long term and I eventually broke down and got my own hoop, which was plastic and bright orange. My work became smoother, and admittedly easier. I didn’t have to worry about the rubber band sliding off and disrupting my work anymore and I probably looked a lot less stupid.


     Finishing a project and taking off the hoop and touching all of the smooth stitches built together is the best part, at least for me, of the whole making process. The texture and feel of embroidery is what interested me in the medium, so it makes sense after all. If you ever have any embroidery or custom work questions, feel free to ask me! I will be uploading more embroidery work as soon as I finish it!!