People sometimes can get confused they look at my website and what I make. Selling a fine art painting next to friendship bracelets and decorated lighter would be blasphemous to certain crowds. Some believe that selling art next to craft cheapens the worth of the art. Craft is seen as entry-level, something that anyone could do and was historically seen as women’s work, and classified very separately from art. I don’t believe that the value of craft should be diminished because for many, crafting is the entryway to fine art. Frequently, people feel too much pressure in creating art without any experience and crafting doesn’t hold the perceived expectations that fine art does. To me, there is nothing wrong or bad about crafting. Having gone through art school at a collegiate levels, I did have professors that talked down about craft or dismissed it altogether, which does not seem like the correct attitude to have in any environment, especially an educational one.  Everyone should feel welcome to create and I don’t believe there should be  any room for exclusion in the art world, even though there frequently is. However, the industry of art is changing and I, for one, hope to see much more accessibility and acceptance in the future (or right now, if possible.)